Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2020


Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2020

Rated 90 /100 Points by Roger VOSS, journalist at The Wine Enthusiast 2022 : « This wine is soft, ripe and rounded. Creamed-apple flavors are shot with attractive acidity and lightly textured. The wine will age further, so drink form 2023.»

Cosechado en margas Kimmeridgiense: suelo de arcillas blancas y conchas fosilizadas. Cuando está joven este vino se puede beber con pescados, pollo y carnes blancas después de algunos años. Más graso y largo en boca que “Les Angelots”, “Villa Paulus” es un buen maridaje con lucio, risotto de setas o vieira. Cuando alcanza 5 o 6 años, se puede beber con huevos revueltos de trufas.

Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2019

Rated 90 /100 Points by Roger VOSS, journalist at The Wine Enthusiast 2020 : « Named after the Roman villa found close to the vineyard, this wine is crisp, still young with rich citrus fruits and pure acidity. The wine is set for some aging, so drink from 2022. »

88/100, Wein Plus 2020 : « Fresh, youthful pear fragrance with herbal to herbal notes, light floral and mineral notes, still hinted at yeast and a little elderflower. Clear, cool, lean, polished fruit, vegetal to herbaceous, delicate floral and nutty-yeasty aromas, quite clear mineral notes, very elegant acidity, delicate touch, good persistence, a hint of elderberry, good to very good, elegantly juicy, yeasty and mineral finish. »

87/100, International Wine Challenge 2020 : « Ripe orange and lemon with concentrated honeysuckle, peach and grassy notes. »

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100% Sauvignon Blanc

Conservación : 4 a 6 años.   Temperatura : se sirve fresco a 12°C.

Todas nuestras viñas se cultivan sin herbicida, ni abono, ni insecticida.


– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2018

Vivino – Marie Nedjar – 9 ratings – Rated on 14th July 2020 : 5/5

Excellent! Tres fruité, dégusté avec des fruits de mer

Vivino – Martin Hinge – 146 ratings – Rated on 25th Oct 2020 : 5/5

groundhog day with 2018 this time. Again, minerals, citrus, lemon, honey finish. i love this. classy Sav Blanc.

Vivino – Georges – 1289 ratings – Rated on 5th July 2020 : 4,5/5

Ein toller und feiner Pouilly-Fume. In der Nase überwiegen Grapefruit, Stachelbeere und Mirabelle. Am Gaumen sehr mineralische, aber im Abgang wieder mit voller Frucht. Herrlich!

Vivino – Cedric Poncelet – 71 ratings – Rated on 1st January 2021 : 4/5

Robe jaune pale, arôme citron fumé, beau gras et belle fraîcheur. Belle longueur en bouche. Très beau pouilly

Vivino – Mike Tang – 491 ratings – Rated on 10th Dec 2020 : 4/5

2018 vintage Sauvignon Blanc from Puilly-Fume. Side by side with one from New Zealand. Aroma: gooseberry grass honey minerals lemon Palate: citrus lime cream straw Refreshing and crisp. Medium levels of acidity and abv. Medium finish.

Vivino – Andre Coetzee – 199 ratings – Rated on 13th August 2020 : 4/5

Fresh, lemon, citrus with good mineral notes

Vivino – Lorenzo Forti – 830 ratings – Rated on 4th Sept 2020 : 4/5

Da bere prima dell aperitivo

Vivino – Hans Schneeberger – 5905 ratings – Rated on 2nd Oct 2020 : 4/5

Perfekt gemachter Sauvignon Blanc von der Loire. Hat alle Eigenschaften, die SB so attraktiv machen – und noch viel mehr.

Vivino – Misha – 1351 ratings – Rated on 13th May 2020 : 4/5

Белые цветы, персик, кремний… ярко и чисто, на финише едва различим медовый отлив

Vivino – Dominique Santens – 2820 ratings – Rated on 28th Feb 2020 : 4/5

peer, rijpe peer, floraal mineraliteit

Vivino – Emil Tørmoen – 95 ratings – Rated on 19th Sept 2020 : 4/5

Aromatic ripe grapefruit, citrus, lemon grass. Slight minerality, slightly spiced wood influence.

– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2017

Vivino – Tomas Pospisil – 441 ratings – Rated on Apr 13th 2019 : 4,0/5

Excellent, fresh!

Vivino – Martin Weber – 9 ratings – Rated on Feb 28th 2019 : 4,5 /5

Teddy’s wine

Vivino –  Wiliam – 1268 ratings – Rated on Feb 16th 2019 : 4,0/5

Very light straw yellow colour. Lemon and gooseberries with hints of minerals. Taste of lemons, gooseberries and minerals. Long and dry finish with lots of minerals. A very good Pouilly-Fume. Goes well with shellfish or fish.

Vivino – Evelyn Kraus – 399 ratings – Rated on Feb 13th 2019 : 4,0/5

Toller Apérowein, Frucht und mineralische Noten

Vivino – Paul de Ruiter – 293 ratings – Rated on Feb 10th 2019 : 4,5/5

“Very nice nose of citrus fruit, grapefruit and earthy tones. Smooth with a little sparkle. What a very enjoyable white!”

Vivino – Svein Inge Leirgulen  – 642 ratings – Rated on Sep 19th 2018 : 4,0/5

Ananas og tjære, stikkelsbær. Eplekjerne.

Cellar Tracker – 6/2/2018 – vassnesen wrote: 89 Points

Light green. Nose of floral tones, minerals and nettles.
Fresh, crisp on the palate. Tight and pure. Great Sauvignon B.

– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2016

Vivino – Sune Gabelgaard – 409 bedømmelse – Bedømt May 29th 2018 : 4,5/5

Massiv frugt, perfekt balance lang eftersmag

Vivino – Rob Kranen – 20 beoordeling – Beoordeeld op Jul 14th 2017 : 4,5/5

Heerlijke smaak die doet denken aan een rijpe munster kaas.

– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2015 Among top 3% of all wines in the world

Vivino – Roman Zeybot – 184 ratings – Rated on Jun 4th 2018 : 5/5

Very good Sauvignon! Fragrant, balanced, perfect!

Vivino – Maria Sassons – 25 ratings – Rated on Apr 10th 2018 : 4,5/5

Dry, lovely wine. Will buy again!

Vivino – Daniel Rowe – 400 ratings – Rated on Oct 28th 2017 : 4,5/5

Elegant with hints of grapefruit

Vivino – Jeriel Leong – 164 ratings – Rated on May 6th 2017 : 4,0/5

Creamy and refreshing nose. Rich palate with a good deal of character for a sav lanc. Paired excellently with our roast chicken. Fair value for a white.

Vivino – Naoki Sekiguchi – 1656 ratings – Rated on Mar 20th 2017 : 4,0/5

Light and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. Aroma from grapefruit, pear, passion fruits and minerals. 3rd bottle of farewell party.

Vivino – Peer Astrup – 1072 ratings – Rated on Jan 28th 2017 : 4,0/5

Great Sauvignon Blanc with a very elegant and subtile appearance. Hints of grapefruit.

Cellar Tracker – 3/15/2018 – Hanz Likes this wine: Quite serious, dark, a little funky. Yummie!

– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2014 Among top 3% of all wines in the world

Vivino – Scott Wilson likes this wine : 4,5/5

Outstanding, for me. Tart, nice body. We had it with salmon.

Vivino – John Mucha likes this wine : 4,0/5

Fragrant and silky smooth. A very good value.

Vivino – Rob D likes this wine : 3,5/5

Hints of peach and orange also a bit flowery.

Good balance

Vivino – San Vohra likes this wine : 4,0/5

Citrus (grapefruit) dominates this very drinkable upper Loire valley wine. Matched well with Lemon-Butter Dover Sole.

Vivino – Dan Russo likes this wine : 3,5/5

Citric fruits. Tart. Color of pale straw.

Cellar Tracker – 12/21/2017 – Ianttuck likes this wine: 90 Points

Strong citrus aromas increasing into a vegetal almost asparagus note. Meyer lemon on the palate. Doesn’t quite have the mineral backbone of its sancerre cousins but enjoyable.

– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2013 Among top 3% of all wines in the world

Vivino – David Rosengrave – 199 ratings – Rated on May 19th 2016 : 4,0/5

Great sauvignon blanc, well balanced. Crisp and fresh without being too acidic.

Vivino – Danny Leong – 1169 ratings – Rated on Sep 20th 2016 : 4,0/5

Light gold lemon colour. Gooseberry greets the nose followed by a mix of floral and citrusy aromas. Dry, sharp fresh acidity with good dose of minerals. Medium finish. Pairs wonderfully with steamed prawns.

Vivino – Alvin Lee – 62 ratings – Rated on Mar 11th 2016 : 4,0/5

Very good bottle of wine. Light, fresh right acidity. Clean on the taste and good nose. Very enjoyable.

Cellar Tracker – 12/14/2017 – smatchnego likes this wine: 87 Points

– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2012 Among top 7% of all wines in the world

Vivino – Pieter De Beer likes this wine : 4,0/5

Good structure, very easy drinking but with character.

Vivino – Mrdavebot likes this wine : 3,5/5

French miners were sent to mine for extreme minerality and came back with this. The man that sent them was pleased with their work.

Vivino – Larry DeGan likes this wine : 4,0/5

Well balanced with a luscious mouth feel. A hint of smokey oak on the finish, but not overdone.

Vivino – Theresa Cater likes this wine : 4,0/5

Dry for a Sauv but changes wonderfully with food. More mineral with oysters; soft and fruity with Hawaiian poke; tart citrus with tomato glazed grilled fish.

Vivino – Loren Kreiss likes this wine : 3,5/5

Crisp, sweet and spicy with flavors of pineapple, lime and ginger. Excellent value.

Vivino – Nick Thomas likes this wine : 5/5

This is a classy pouilly fume. Good weight of lemon and lime fruit on the palate with plenty of attack. Very long with hints of that classic smokey flinty finish. One of my favorites for summer drinking!

Cellar Tracker – 29/03/2015 – bjlcrucrazy Likes this wine: 94 points

2 years in a row now this is my favourite expression of Sauvignon Blanc!!! Just gorgeous floral nose, beautiful fruit, minerality, balance. One of my favourite wines

Cellar Tracker – 09/03/2015 – NostraBacchus Likes this wine: 89 points

Tasted at big merchant tasting. Nice aromatics of gooseberries, chalky minerality and a touch of grass. It’s medium-bodied and very fresh, with medium-high acidity and a good finish.

– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2011 Among top 5% of all wines in the world

Vivino – Markus Loh – 141 ratings – Rated on Nov 2nd 2015 : 4,0/5

Clear straw yellow, medium nose of faint guava, wet gravel and goose berries and slight manolatic fermentation. High acidity, medium dry, taste of fresh good berries and grape fruit, medium minus body, medium finish

Vivino – Kristian Fjeldgaard – 877 ratings – Rated on Mar 9th 2015 : 3,5/5

A very elegant wine. Some gooseberry and lemon fruits. It is medium to fullbodied on the palate showing some smoky notes. Very good with salads and ceviche.

Vivino – Kerstin Kothrade – 300 ratings – Rated on Oct 29th 2014 : 3,0/5

Greetings in green embark from the glass in a comfortable intensit, moving into tropical flavours on the palate, a toasty medium finish for a fair experience. This would be a preference to a NZ counterpart.

Vivino – Peter Mccrae – 96 ratings – Rated on Mar 17th 2014 : 4,0/5

Fruity, not too sweet, good value

– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2011 Among top 5% of all wines in the world

Vivino – Darie – 290 ratings – Rated on Jan 16th 2015 : 4,0/5

Loved this one. Great balance, gets better after 10-15 min.

Cellar Tracker – 04/05/2012 – Capt Cutlass wrote: 90 points

Classic cool climate Sauvignon Blanc nose of gooseberry, green apples, straw, with a honeysuckle sweetness. Very expressive aromas which jump out of the glass. Enjoyable palate: white grapefruit, bitter gooseberry, chalky, mineral. Medium plus finish on opening. Somewhat in the NZ style but more mineral and alcohol completely masked (12.5%). Eminently quaffable and incredible value! 90-91

– Pouilly-Fumé Villa Paulus 2011Among top 4% of all wines in the world

Vivino – Jason Zinger – 72 ratings – Rated on Mar 4th 2016 : 4,0/5

Wonderfully aged. Almost on the other side of maturity which added pleasant funkiness to palate.

Vivino – Jamieson Bryan – 261 ratings – Rated on Jun 10th 2015 : 4,0/5

Dry fruity and smells of socks – paired with mini calamari and bacon bits

Vivino – DrinkInsider – 619 ratings – Rated on Aug 26th 2014 : 3,5/5

Stony minerals, round, creamy, light citrus, a little spice on the finish : 88/100

Vivino – Laurie I – 394 ratings – Rated on Jun 21st 2014 : 4,0/5

Lovely bottle of wine not at all acidic mellow and mild great stuff