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What is Pouilly-Fumé ?

Pouilly-Fumé… What an unusual name for a wine !

The Sauvignon grape develops its unequaled complexity of flavours here, in the village of Pouilly-sur-Loire.

Pouilly Fumé is a full-bodied, dry and fruity white wine. Through each cuvée, you can find the renowned aromas of Pouilly’s terroir thanks to its gun-flint flavours. A lovely balance of fruit and minerality !

Pouilly’s vines are planted on of Kimmeridgian marls, Portlandian limestone and flinty soils. Thanks to its soils, Pouilly Fumé reveals its mineral and delicate fruity flavours and its fresh and crispy character, sometimes clean and long on the palate. Through its fruity flavours, it reveals notes of citrus (lemon, grapefruit), fruits from here and there (currant, peach, passion fruit, litchi), white flowers (acacia, lily), but also hazelnut or quince.

As a million years vineyard, it is on this unmatchable and hardly worked terroir that are created these lovely wines.

The subtility of our vineyards is a curiosity and an invitation : come to discover them in our Domaine !

In brief : a Pouilly Fumé bottle can be kept between 5 and 10 years, depending on years and cuvées. Usually, its apogee is in the 2nd and 3rd year.  In the section « Our wines », tab  « Food and wine pairings » you can see with which dish or side dish we recommend you to serve our Pouilly-Fumé, so you will know how to drink your Sancerre and your Pouilly-Fumé.

Pouilly Fumé / Pouilly Fuissé, what is the difference ?

You can find only white wines for both. Pouilly-Fumé must not be confused with its paronym from Mâcon,  Pouilly Fuissé, which comes from the Chardonnay grape, produced in Burgundy.