Wine making by soil

There are three types of soils on the AOC Pouilly-Fumé area : limestones, kimmeridgian marls and flint.

Since we have got vines on these 3 different soils for our Pouilly-Fumé, we have chosen (for more than 40 years now) to vinify them separately to get the best expression of each soil. Their maturation in stainless steel tanks allows us to compare the expression of the Terroir every year.

Pouilly-Fumé “Les Angelots” is made on hard limestone soils,

(Villiers limestones (Upper Oxfordian) and Barrois limestones (Portlandian)).


Pouilly-Fumé “Villa Paulus” is made on Kimmeridgean marls,

which are fossilized shells and white clay.


Pouilly-Fumé “Les Pierres de Pierre” comes from our flinty soils (Cretaceous).



Pouilly-Fume ‘Tradition Cullus’ (a tribute to Michelle’s great grand father) is made from our eldest vines (from 50 to 60 years old) and vinified in new oak 600 litres barrels. They are planted on Kimmeridgean marls.

Our vines in Sancerre, located in the village of Thauvenay, are planted on limestone and flinty soils.

Finally, our Chasselas’ vines, through our cuvée Pouilly-sur-Loire “La Côte des Prés”, are planted on marls.


Sauvignon Blanc

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