The estate yesterday

For a long time, Michelle (born Blondelet) and Jean-Michel Masson have believed to be the sixth generation of wine producers of pouilly fume on the estate. Jean-Michel checked in the register of births of La Charité-sur-Loire and it was written : “the 31st December 1826, Antoine Blondelet, wine producer, introduced his son called Louis”. Antoine was Paul’s great grandfather, Paul who was Michelle’s grandfather.

But our cousin Jean MATHAT looked more precisely for his family tree. He discovered that Michelle and Jean-Michel Masson are the 13th generation from Guillaume BLONDELET. So, their children, Mélanie and Pierre-François are the FOURTEENTH GENERATION of wine producers of pouilly fume, Guillaume’s descendants.

We would like to thank Jean Mathat for his notable work with the family tree.

Please find below a résumé of Jean Mathat’s work:

Guillaume BLONDELET was born in about 1550, during the reign of Henri II. He was a wine producer in the farmer’s community of Chaulgnes. He got married in 1582 and he had one son, Guillaume. Guillaume got married in 1613 et he had 3 sons, Georges, Thomas and Jules. Georges was the one who left Chaulgnes to become a wine producer in Saint Jacques’ parish of La Charité-sur-Loire.

After few generations, Louis Blondelet, born the 31st December 1826, was the one who left La Charité-sur-Loire to become a wine producer in Le Bouchot, located in the village of Pouilly-sur-Loire. He was the 9th generation. After that, all his descendants (we included) have cultivated our vines in this village.