Food and wine pairings

POUILLY FUME ‘‘Les Angelots’’

Harvested on hard limestone, this wine is to drink young. The citrus and white flowers aromas, its lightness combined with a great minerality are perfect to pair with seafood platters and shellfish. It goes well with asparagus, oysters, raw fish or cooked in a court-bouillon (herb seasoned stock) or even marinated fish : a méli-mélo of red tuna and salmon with lemon and olive oil sauce, swordfish marinated in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, shrimp stuffed avocado.

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POUILLY FUME ‘‘Villa Paulus’’

Harvested on Kimmeridgean marls (mix of white clay and fossilised shells) this wine can be paired with fish when it is young and then with poultry and white meats after several years. Smoother and longer than “Les Angelots”, “Villa Paulus” will be excellent with a pike served with white butter sauce, a risotto with porcini mushrooms, scallops cooked in Pouilly-Fumé sauce or a turbot served with lemon and girollre mushrooms. Aged around 5-6 years, it perfectly matches poultry with morel mushrooms or scrambled eggs with truffles.

POUILLY FUME ‘‘Les Pierres de Pierre’’

Harvested on flint, these old vines of “blanc fumé” (local name of the Sauvignon Blanc grape) fully express their gunflint side, clearly pronounced on that kind of terroir. The tense and vibrant attack gives then way to fruitiness and roundness. Its high minerality and its length in mouth allow a great variety of matches such as cod loin with hollandaise sauce, grilled lobster and crystallised lemon, monkfish tail with piment d’Espelette or sweetbread and truffle juice. Served by the glass, it is also excellent for the aperitif.

POUILLY FUME ‘‘Clos du Château Paladi’’

Planted on marls and limestone-clay soil, this forty-five-years-old vines fully express the elegance of the terroir located 300 meters away from the Loire River. Protected by walls, isolated from the neighborhood, “Clos du Château Paladi” will be enhanced with a wild bar, roasted scallops, morel flavored pasta or even a Bresse poultry. According to the Hachette Guide 2017, in which it received a “crust” for its first vintage of production, “the very harmonious palate associateds intensity and elegance to perfection“.

POUILLY FUME ‘‘D’or et Diamant’’

Selection of the best grapes of the vintage, this exceptional cuvée pays tribute to natural elements that shaped the Pouilly Fumé : the Loire river and an unique Terroir. Its name come from the influence of the Loire River when, flowing the vines, it adorns itself with golden reflects at sunset, and then our Terroir – as pure and precious as a diamond – that we work without any weedkiller nor insecticide, thus revealing all the facets and the art of the wine-grower’s work.

‘‘D’or et Diamant’’ is a unique blending of the Domaine Masson-Blondelet, whose only 2000 numbered bottles have been produced to give you the best of ourselves.

Foie Gras pôelé Père Bise
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Foie Gras Poêlé
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POUILLY FUME ‘‘Tradition Cullus’’

Fruit of our eldest vines, aged between 50 and 80 years old and harvested on Kimmeridgian marls, ‘‘Tradition Cullus’’ pays a tribute to Michelle’s great grand-father. This more concentrated juice – isolated only on exceptional vintages is grown for one year in 600-liters oak barrels, a third of which in new barrels. Then the wine is vinified in stainless steel tanks for at least 18 months, hence its extraordinary richness. Often compared to the greatest white Burgundy wines, the “Tradition Cullus”, full and harmonious, remains faithful to its grape and its terroir from the Loire River. It enhences an elaborated and rich cuisine, a salt and sour combination or even spicy food. Suggestions : a pan-fried Foie gras with Reinette apples, duck breast with caramelized pears and its balsamic and honey sauce, orange-flavoured king prawns, scallops with a foie gras sauce.

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SANCERRE  BLANC ‘‘Thauvenay’’

Harvested on hard limestone and flint, this wine is to drink young. Its vivacity and freshness combined with its great minerality perfectly matches seafood platters and shellfish. Excellent as an aperitif, it could also go along with a goat cheese, snack, duck rilllettes or rabbit terrine. With asparagus and raw fish, cooked in a court-bouillon or marinated, it will be a perfect match as well.

SANCERRE  ROUGE ‘‘Thauvenay’’

100 % Pinot noir, made on hard limestone and flint, this light and fruity red wine with strawberry and red berries aromas is above all a treat. Simple and straightforward, it can be served chilled. It is perfect with light meals, such as poultries and white meats, as well as fish. Chicken with prunes, carp stewed in red Sancerre, veal cutlets with cream and cepes will be matching to perfection.

The photos we chose display plates realized by chefs of a few restaurants where our wines are served, as you can discover in the next page.