Sancerre ROSÉ Thauvenay 2023


Sancerre ROSÉ Thauvenay 2023

Harvested on hard limestone and flint, this wine is to drink young. This dry wine combines fruitiness and freshness.
It is ideal alone as an aperitif. It is the perfect match with seafood, all fishes (raw, cooked, grilled or smoked) but also with salads, salted pies, poultry or white meats.

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Vintage 2018 : Rated 87/100 Points by Roger VOSS, journalist at The Wine Enthusiast: « This ripe, full-bodied rosé is softly textured, with warm strawberry flavors. Plenty of acidity balances this richness, giving an attractive wine that is ready to drink. »

Vintage 2017 : Rated 88/100 Points by Roger VOSS, journalist at The Wine Enthusiast, January 2018 : « With just a touch of minerality, this crisp wine is also full of delicious red fruits. The acidity and brightness of the wine are well balanced, leaving great freshness at the end. Drink now. »

100% Pinot Noir

Keeping : up to 3 years. Temperature : Served chilled at 11°C.

ALL our vines are cultivated without any herbicide, nor insecticide, nor fertiliser.

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– Sancerre Rosé Thauvenay 2018

 Vivino – Sylvain Gaillard – 770 ratings – Rated on 21st August 2020 : 4,0/5

Élégant et délicat, un 100% pinot noir très agréable, à boire sur des fruits de mer

– Sancerre Rosé Thauvenay 2015

Vivino – Bart L’amour – 93 ratings – Rated on Jul 22nd 2017 : 4,0/5

Great rose, beautiful with cheese, salad and foie gras

Vivino – Vladimir Masorin RWC – 2572 ratings – Rated on Jun 16th 2018 : 4,0/5

Очень неплохо! Гастрономично

– Sancerre Rosé Thauvenay 2012

Cellar Tracker – 13/04/2015 – Barry’sFault likes this wine: 89 points

Delicious, with pineapple/citrus nose but a refined taste – not juice. Smooth full profile with vanilla softening the ripe fruit notes. Drank with a ultra fresh grilled mahi. Wonderful!

The wine looks straw colored. The legs are medium. There is no sediment in the bottle. The body is medium. The wine has satin-like texture. The wine finishes medium. The wine has medium acidity.