Sancerre BLANC Thauvenay 2021


Sancerre BLANC Thauvenay 2021

92/100, Wine Enthusiast, Roger Voss : « Balanced and fruity, this wine is dense, showing layers of white fruits and textured acidity. It is a ripe wine, the zesty character muted by the generosity. »

Harvested on hard limestone and flint, this wine is to drink young. Its vivacity and freshness combined with its great minerality perfectly matches seafood platters and shellfish. Excellent as an aperitif, it could also go along with a goat cheese, snack, duck rilllettes or rabbit terrine. With asparagus and raw fish, cooked in a court-bouillon or marinated, it will be a perfect match as well.

Sancerre BLANC Thauvenay 2020

Silver Medal at Concours des Grands Vins de France, Mâcon 2021

Sancerre BLANC Thauvenay 2019

89/100, Wine Enthusiast, Roger Voss : « Cool, fresh, vegetal and delicate yeasty nose with very light yellow fruit notes as well as floral and chalky-mineral nuances. Clear, polished, elegantly juicy fruit, again quite cool looking, fresh vegetal and light floral nuances, yeasty notes, some chalk and salt in the background, a hint of red berries, delicate creamy, good to very good finish. »

87/100, International Wine and Spirit Competition 2020 : « Saline, savoury nose and fresh fruity palate with hints of salt and white pepper. »

86/100, International Wine Challenge 2020 : « Vibrant herbs, lifted citrus and gooseberry, honest and tasty wine. »

See the technical sheet for more details…

100% Sauvignon Blanc

Keeping : from 4 to 5 years. Temperature : Served chilled at 12°C.

ALL our vines are cultivated without any herbicide, nor insecticide, nor fertiliser.

La Truffière - Plats


– Sancerre Blanc Thauvenay 2018

Vivino – Jonny Pallister 1 rating – Rated on 5th August 2020 : 5/5

So drinkable. Not dry or too sweet.

Vivino – robij – 541 ratings – Rated on 15th August 2020 : 4,5/5

This is a very good wine! Chalk, flint, apple skin, wet earth and honey. A good balance of crisp acid and fresh white fruit. Maybe a year or two in the bottle would add richness but I like it fine now. Serve chilled. The flavors get richer as it warms in the glass.

Vivino – Dom T – 197 ratings – Rated on 20th Oct 2020 : 4,0/5

On the nose elderflower & white peach In the mouth apple & fresh. Very mourish . Lovely expression of Sancerre

Vivino – Frans van den Berg – 350 ratings – Rated on 17th July 2020 : 4,0/5

Licht groenachtige kleur, in de de neus aards en citrus. Heerlijke Sancerre met een fantastische citrussmaak en tonen van groene appel. Perfect bij een fruit de mer!

Vivino – Bazza – 117 ratings – Rated on 24th Dec 2020 : 4,0/5

Citrus & minerality & what seems to me to be chamomile on the nose. Lemon and lime on the palate with flint/stone. Nice, light and refreshing on the mouth with close to a medium+ acidity and a medium finish. Sancerre always reminds me of Paris where I had my first taste of it. 24/12/20 Christmas Eve!!

Vivino – Robert O’Farrell – 66 ratings – Rated on 20th August 2020 : 4,0/5

Lovely astringency and dry. Excellent with a rich fish dish or spice, but very drinkable on it’s own.

Vivino – Walsall Droop – 22 ratings – Rated on 16th Feb 2020 : 4,0/5

Good blend or citrus and apple. Crisp and delicious.

Vivino – Matthew Neo Ji Hui – 14 ratings – Rated on 15th Nov 2019 : 4,0/5

good acidity. lemon, cirtrusy, good for a hot weather. short finisj

– Sancerre Blanc Thauvenay 2017

Vivino – Paul de Ruiter – 293 ratings – Rated on Fev 15th 2019 : 4,0/5

Nice crisp white, lemon and citrus fruit. Little acid.

Cellar Tracker – 6/9/2018 – vassnesen wrote : 89 Points

Light green. Typical savignon nose. Crisp and clear. Great Sancerre.

– Sancerre Blanc Thauvenay 2016 Dans le top 5% des meilleurs vins du monde entier – Among top 5% of all wines in the world

Vivino – jhon mc – 131 notes – Note donnée le Dec 25th 2018 : 4,0/5

Sauvignon précis, sancerre fin et expressif en meme temps, une valeure sure chez des spécialiste du pouilly…

Vivino – Makrô Vdp – 1547 notes – Note donnée le Apr 9th 2018 : 4,0/5

Un nouveau millésime testé et je confirme la bonne impression. Un peu brouillon à l’ouverture mais ensuite un beau nez pénétrant sur le citron, la rose et l’anis. En bouche puissance, salinité, belle longueur, généreux. On a vu des Sancerre plus tendus, mais c’est très gourmand.

Vivino – Wilson Ang – 385 ratings – Rated on May 16th 2018 : 3,5/5

Clear pale lemon green

Nose: clean, medium intensity, green Apple, pear, lemon zest, guava, grassy.


Palate: dry, high acidity, medium alcohol, medium (+) body, medium (+) intensity, medium (+) finish. Green Apple, pear, lemon, nectarines, guava.

It’s about 2 years old, still drinkable but not for Long.

Vivino – Robinf – 4881 ratings – Rated on Apr 26th 2018 : 4,0/5

Very good nose on this one.

At ease comfortably displaying grassy tones, herbaceous impressions, pirizines liek paprika and buxus and all with great depth.

Med+ acidity, tingling in the tongue. Fresh balanced flavors with a pinch of iodine. Textbook young quality Sancerre. Very good. 16 pts @ Henri Bloem.

Vivino – Colin H – 2752 ratings – Rated on Mar 23rd 2018 : 4,0/5

Apples, limes, peaches, pretty floral with evident wet stone type mineral notes. Tasty Sancerre.

Vivino – Iain H – 146 ratings – Rated on Dec 20th 2017 : 4,0/5

Nice gentle minerality, long finish, slightly tarter than citrus. But the long finish makes up for it.

Vivino – Rui Grilo – 216 ratings – Rated on Dec 10th 2017 : 5/5

Probably the best white wine that I’ve recently tasted.

Vivino – Sophia C – 373 ratings – Rated on Nov 2nd 2017 : 3,5/5

On the nose unriped peach, apricot and white flower slowly evolve into subtle minerals aroma. Rich, Full-body with moderate acidity. On the palate apple, yellow plum, tangy opening and nice and smooth finishing

Vivino – Dominique Zisswiller – 11 ratings – Rated on Oct 30th 2017 : 3,5/5


Vivino – Matteo Dep – 289 votos – Valutato il Sep 30th 2017 : 4,5/5

Buonissimo Sancerre. Un sauvignon blanc elegante e delicato. Da bere lentamente e non troppo freddo per dare la possibilità al vino di esprimersi. È talmente buono che uno lo berrebbe tutto di fila. Qualità alta, un vino sano.

Vivino – W Y – 10 ratings – Rated on Sep 11th 2017 : 4,0/5

Grapefruit. Balanced acidity.

Vivino – Kylie Ship – 12 ratings – Rated on Sep 1st 2017 : 4,5/5


Vivino – Jacqueline Vidalo – 1577 ratings – Rated on Aug 6th 2017 : 4,0/5

‘And I’d give up forever to touch you’…

The music is an eclectic mix of 80’s dance party & 90’s prom ballads.

The liquid reflects the honeyed glow of candle light. Lemon, grapefruit, and wet limestone float about. Crispy waves of acid splash over jagged minerals. The finish lingers…the bright acidity begins fades into the darkness. The melancholy melody floats heavy in the air…broken only by flashing smiles and laughing faces.

‘When everything’s meant to be broken

I just want you to know who I am…’

Vivino – # Takashi Y – 890 ratings – Rated on Jun 10th 2017 : 4,0/5

This is very nice young Sancerre I had with my friends.

Domaine MASSON-BLONDELET was established in 1975. They have focused on PN and Sauvignon, and all their vines are cultivated without weed killer, no fertilizer, no insecticide.

grape : 100% Sauvignon

Nose : Slightly grassy nice flesh fruit aroma. Lemon, grapefruit, tart apple and touch of herb on the nose.

Mouth : Well-balanced with bright acidity. Very nice vivacity, freshness and minerality with flavors of lemony citrus fruits and green apple on the palate

Vivino – John Espen Bokle – 869 ratings – Rated the 2014 vintage on Apr 29th 2016 : 4,0/5

Enjoyable Sancerre. Crisp and fresh with citrus and grapefruit flavors. Nice acidic and a long enjoyable aftertaste.

Vivino – Fernanda Bueno Alves – 110 ratings – Rated on Nov 15th 2017 : 5/5

Um delicioso Sauvignon Blanc da região de Thauvenay, com notas de frutas cítricas com pera, uma deliciosa acidez bem persistente e no final é bem elegante!

Vivino – Rino Larsen – 45 ratings – Rated on Oct 2nd 2016 : 4,5/5

Testen denne på Skansen. Godt balansert kvitkvin Terningkast 6

– Sancerre Blanc Thauvenay 2015 Dans le top 3% des meilleurs vins du monde entier – Among top 3% of all wines in the world

Vivino – Makrô Vdp – 1547 notes – Note donnée le Aug 28th 2017 : 4,0/5

Après le Pouilly, le Sancerre du même domaine. Plus fin et floral, encore meilleur au final.

Vivino – Alberto Boer – 9 notes – Note donnée le Oct 27th 2016 : 4,5/5

Très bon

Fruité ,minéral.

Ce vin ne s’abine pas seulement avec le poisson mais aussi avec des autres aliments .

Vivino – Peter V – 19 ratings – Rated on Apr 21st 2018 : 4,0/5

Fresh, citrus tones, efflorescence after tones, would pear well with shellfish.

Vivino – Octavian Negrea – 1735 ratings – Rated on Jul 31st 2017 : 4,0/5

Green pepper, flowers, minerals, high acidity, green apple on the palate, perfect to drink young, fresh and intense!

Vivino – Danny Leong – 1169 ratings – Rated on May 5th 2017 : 4,0/5

Lemon green colour, light intensity. Strong and steely vegetal greens greet the nose. Asparagus, celery, grapefruit, lime, melon and pear. Off dry, high acidity, medium high alcohol, chalky, minerals, grapefruit, lime and lemon zest on the palate. Medium finish.

Vivino – Michael Jones – 349 ratings – Rated on Jul 4th 2017 : 4,0/5

Straw lemon shades, initial cool fruity melon and green apple aroma… was doubtful – asparagus but happily it’s there on the nose at the end. Light bodied, surprised by light acidity (edit apparently Sancerre 2015 vintage experiencing low acidity) can feel the alcohol, enjoyable medium length with a mild lemon citrus and pomelo finish. I like this.

Vivino – Stephanie Myers – 19 ratings – Radet on Jan 28th 2017 : 4,0/5

Excellent, full-bodied

Vivino – Badea Emil – 11 ratings – Rated on Oct 29th 2016 : 5/5

Just good

Vivino – Daryl Peh – 12 ratings – Rated on Oct 14th 2016 : 4,0/5

Light, refreshing, easy to drink, simply lovely

Vivino – Andre Staallekker – 46 beoordeling – Beoordeeld op Dec 2nd 2017 : 3,5/5

Super balans tussen zoet en een zuurtje
Mooi droog

Vivino – Verena Rohrmoser – 3 Bewertung – Bewertet am Feb 14th 2017 : 4,0/5

Typisch Sancerre, aber weicher und vollmundiger. Ausgewogen und im Nachgang leichte typische Schärfe

– Sancerre Blanc Thauvenay 2015 Dans le top 3% des meilleurs vins du monde entier – Among top 3% of all wines in the world

Vivino – Sal Pugliese – 68 ratings – Rated on Aug 5th 2017 : 4,0/5

Nice,smooth finish. Great pairing with a soft creamy cheese like a Brie.

Vivino – Karson Langenfelder – 10 ratings – Rated on Jun 15th 2017 : 4,0/5

Fruity with a clean finish. Not very oaky.

Vivino – Katie Stokes – 4 ratings – Rated on Jun 15th 2017 : 4,0/5

Had this with fish and it complimented it well. Fresh white that wasn’t too fruity.

Vivino – Joe North – 19 ratings – Rated on Oct 16th 2016 : 4,0/5

Fruity with crisp star and soft ending

Vivino – Brett Smith – 6 ratings – Rated on Sep 5th 2016 : 5/5

Perfect love child of earth and citrus. One of the best white wines ive had

Vivino – David Huang – 975 ratings – Rated on Jun 11th 2016 : 3,0/5

Really interesting nose of bananas and candied tropical fruit like guava and pineapple. Nice light splash on the palate, crisp apple and a bit of green mango. Long finish.

Vivino – Laura Goddard – 470 ratings – Rated on Jun 10th 2016 : 3,0/5

Fruity nose, fruity palate but drier finish. Quite fresh, easy…

Vivino – Robert Fox – 4 ratings – Rated on May 10th 2016 : 4,5/5

Fruity and crisp. Excellent summer wine.

Vivino – John Espen Bokle – 869 ratings – Rated on Apr 29th 2016 : 4,0/5

Enjoyable Sancerre. Crisp and fresh with citrus and grapefruit flavors. Nice acidic and a long enjoyable aftertaste.

Vivino – Victoria Korosi – 206 ratings – Rated on Apr 28th 2016 : 4,5/5

Subtle grapefruit note on the palate, slightly tropical on the finish.

Vivino – Joost Houben – 6 ratings – Rated on Apr 7th 2016 : 5/5

Fruity, fresh, crisp and delicious aperitive

Vivino – Stuart Ridge – 184 ratings – Rated on Oct 29th 2015 : 5/5

Delish sancerre from WTSO. Get more.

Vivino – Jeff Gutierrez – 9 ratings – Rated on Oct 25th 2015 : 4,0/5

Excellent value. Green apples, lemongrass and maybe some citrus notes. Refreshing!

Vivino – Nicferr – 1055 votos – Valutato il Feb 11th 2018 : 4,0/5

85. Erbaceo, pomodori, lime, mela verde, minerale, fresco. Forse un po’ troppo aggressivo.

Vivino – Federico Covi – 658 votos – Valutato il Jan 24th 2017 : 4,0/5

3.7 forse un pochino giovane comunque una buona beva picevole anche se forse in attesa di completarsi. Una bella mineralitå e acidità che accompagnato a carni bianche ha valorizzato il prodotto.

Vivino – Gimmi Urbino – 6 votos – Valutato il Mar 20th 2016 : 4,0/5

Buon vino con cacciagione

Vivino – Vika Ilina – 167 ratings – Rated on Oct 23rd 2017 : 4,0/5

Классическая Долина Луара

Vivino – Ricardo Yugulis – 591 valoraciones – Fecha de valoración Dec 23rd 2016 : 4,5/5

Color brillante y con una coloración amarilla pálida, una vez que aireamos el vino aparecen aromas intensos de hierba fresca, hinojo, con fruta cítrica ( limón, lima ) y un toque de piña. Puede que haya gente que note aromas florales, en mí caso no los he percibido. En boca es un vino fresco, acido con un buen equilibrio, muy cítrico y buena persistencia.

Vivino – Piero Garofalo – 5 Bewertung – Bewertet am Jun 18th 2016 : 4,0/5

Top Wein. Vollmundig, trocken, schöne Frucht

Cellar Tracker – 5/21/2018 – smolden Likes this wine: 90 Points

Nice dry but citrus flavored white. I’m more of a red drinker but enjoyed this tonight outdoors. I think it is good now- not over the hill at all.

Cellar Tracker – 3/5/2018 – Barry’sFault Likes this wine: 90 Points

Still golden color, with honey, pineapple notes. Quite good.

Cellar Tracker – 6/19/2017 – Barry’sFault Likes this wine: 91 Points

Cellar Tracker – 6/11/2017 – smatchnego Likes this wine: 86 Points

Cellar Tracker – 12/13/2016 – SnowMeadow wrote: 88 Points

More on the grassy rather than citrus-driven side of sauv blanc. Pleasant and balanced though not a stand-out. Nice weeknight white.

Cellar Tracker – 6/2/2016 – aallegrini wrote: 88 Points

Cellar Tracker – 5/26/2016 – dss505 likes this wine: 90 Points

Cellar Tracker – 5/21/2016 – dead puddle wrote: 87 Points

Blind tasting. Nice, fine and little bit shy expression of sauvignon, exotic, lilly of the valley, mineral. A bit short. But nice for appetising.

Cellar Tracker – 5/13/2016 – pkbowen Likes this wine: 90 Points

PnP at cellar temperature. Assertive aromas of wet slate, apple orchard, and lemon/lemon zest rise from the glass. On the palate at cool temperatures, the wine conveys a convincing sense of place with a tart, green apple- and lemon-driven attack and mineral-filled midpalate. As it warms, the nose develops pyrazine/jalapeno-like aromas, and the midpalate and finish take on ripe tangerine or clementine fruit/zest qualities. All the way through, the mouthfeel is wonderfully plush, but balanced by fresh, juicy acid.

This is a great example of Sancerre! While it lacks complexity to some degree, it is far from a “simple” wine. We will rate it “very good-to-excellent,” 90/100.

Cellar Tracker – 12/31/2015 – A&C Cifarelli Likes this wine: 87 Points

Cellar Tracker – 12/6/2015 – WalterandNan wrote: 88 Points

Cellar Tracker – 11/22/2015 – SSGibson Likes this wine: 90 Points

Crisp and clean with apricot, green apple and citrus on the palate. A hint of the classic grass taste, but only a hint. Great match with shrimp salad.

Cellar Tracker – 11/3/2015 – WalterandNan wrote: 89 Points

Cellar Tracker – 5/31/2015 – A&C Cifarelli likes this wine: 90 Points