In the vines

Pouilly-Fumé sans désherbant Pouilly-Fumé sans désherbant

We work with a constant effort to preserve our vines, our soils, our own health and our customers’ health as well as the environment.

The job of wine producer is a long-term bond. As soon as we plant our vines of Pouilly Fume, they are regularly hoed to oblige  the roots to develop deep inside the soil. During very hot summers, like in 2003 for example, this method ensures the vine to only be affected with heat but not with a lack of water.

We haven’t used any chemical fertiliser since the 1980’s. Only organic amendments officially agreed for Organic Farming are used at the end of autumn.

We haven’t used any herbicide since 2002. Treatments are reduced to a bare minimum in order to protect the fauna and soils, which are crucial for an appropriate development of the vegetation.

We have given up insecticides in favour of a process of sexual confusion, (which is more expensive in particular in workforce !), when it is possible with our vines’ colleagues neighbours. Indeed, this process is only effective if a whole surface of vineyard is protected this way, no matter who the vines belong to. Only for extreme necessities (never in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 but only once in 2009), we did use an insecticide agreed for Organic Farming.

Though, we do not want to join an organic seal of approval. We consider that an accumulation of copper in our soils would be very harmful on the long range. Therefore, we use a bare minimum of fungicide, adding them to natural stimulators.

Working our soils is crucial. It allows us for more than 30 years now, to favour the good development and the own character of each of our soils, which are Portlandian limestone and Kimmeridgian marls. From these two different soils, we produce each year two cuvées : Pouilly-Fume ‘Les Angelots’ from our Portlandian limestone and Pouilly-Fume ‘Villa Paulus’ from our Kimmeridgian marls.

In 2004, Pierre-François MASSON had the opportunity to purchase old vines planted on flinty soils on the hill of Saint-Andelain. Always in order to favour the own character of each soil, we vinify separately this “new” cuvée called Pouilly-Fume ‘Les Pierres de Pierre’.

With a separated vinification but using the same method, these three cuvées of Pouilly Fume express differently the gun-flint flavour for which the Pouilly Fumé appellation is famous.

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