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Masson-Blondelet cultivate ALL our vines like our kitchen-garden : without herbicide, nor insecticide, nor fertiliser.

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Welcome on DOMAINE MASSON-BLONDELET official website, winemakers, producers of POUILLY-FUME and SANCERRE for 7 generations.

Michelle and Jean-Michel Masson created DOMAINE MASSON-BLONDELET in 1975. In 1980, in the heart of the village of Pouilly, they built a buried cellar on 3 levels to work by gravity. In 2000, their two children Mélanie and Pierre-François joined them. They are the seventh generation of winemakers of the estate. Our 21 hectares of vines of SAUVIGNON BLANC and Pinot Noir are planted on slopes on the best terroirs of the AOC. They are oriented South/South-East and can benefit of a micro-climate created by the Loire River. At this place, the river is classified as natural reserve.

We don’t use CHEMICAL FERTILISERS since more than 40 years and we don’t use any HERBICIDE NOR INSECTICIDE since 2002! The loughing of our soils is crucial. Our soils are regularly tilled, in this way, we promote the expression of each of our 3 terroirs of Pouilly-Fume for more than three decades.

MASSON-BLONDELET is famous today for our constant research of quality and of the purest expression of Sauvignon Blanc on this unique and preserved Loire Valley terroir.

A winemaking process according to the Soils…

There are 3 famous Terroirs on the AOC of Poully-Fume: Kimmeridgian Marl, Flint and Hard Limestone. As we planted Sauvignon Blanc on these 3 different soils, we chosed to vinify them separately (for more than 40 years now!).

Our POULLY-FUME « LES ANGELOTS » is harvested on Limestones of Villiers.

The POUILLY-FUME « VILLA PAULUS » comes from our Kimmeridgian Marls and our POUILLY-FUME « LES PIERRES DE PIERRE » is harvested on Flint.

The POUILLY-FUME « TRADITION CULLUS » is the fruit of vines aged of 50 to 70 years, on Kimmeridgian Marls. Their juice is fermented and raised in a 600 liters (demi-muid) oak barrel, and then blended in a stainless steel tank for 18 more months.

The cuvée POUILLY-FUME « D’OR ET DIAMANT » only represents 2000 bottles of Pouilly-Fumé. The name of this cuvee is a tribute to the Loire river (with its gold hints when the sun goes down) and to our Terroir, as pure and precious as a diamond. POUILLY-FUME “D’OR ET DIAMANT” is the result of the most beautiful grapes of the vintage 2012 elected during the harvest by Pierrre-François Masson. It is by now presented on the most famous tables of France and Europe.

Vinificated separately since 2014, our POUILLY-FUMÉ « CLOS DU CHÂTEAU PALADI » is the result of an old vines parcel less than 1 hectare, mixing limestone and clay soils, located in the heart of the Pouilly village, at 400m from the Loire river, where stands a building hidden by the walls that surround the place, former property of the legal adviser Paladi. This unique cuvee was awarded “Coup de Coeur” from the Hachette Guide for its first vintage.

Our SANCERRE, situated in THAUVENAY, are planted on Limestone and Flint. They exist in white, rosé and red.


In cellar, our conception in terms of winemaking is to privilege physical treatments to banish chemical treatments (even the softest) and use the less sulphur as possible. Our wish is to have the most performing resources by privileging the human intervention, responsible of the “wine soul”.

We are very invested in the labour of our vines and we search the perfection in our winemaking process to personalize at the maximum our Pouilly-Fumé and our Sancerre

Enjoy the tasting and the visit !

But what is Pouilly-Fumé ?

Pouilly-Fumé… What a funny name for a wine !

This is here, in Pouilly-sur-Loire, where the grape variety Sauvignon blanc develops a complexity and an unparalleled range of flavors

Pouilly-fumé is a generous, dry and fruity white wine. He restitutes us in his bottle, the inimitable taste of Pouilly’s terroir thanks to his aromas of “gunflint”. Mineral and fruity flavours are his typicality!

Old of several million of years, Pouilly’s terroir composed of kimmeridgian marls, hard limestones and flint, give to Pouilly-Fumé his mineral flavor,his slightness and sometimes his fresh and bright nature or sometimes his franc and long in mouth nature, not forgetting an omnipresent fruit. In the Pouilly-Fumé we can find some citruses aromas (lemon, grapefruit notes), fruits from near and far (currant, peach, passion fruits, litchi), white flowers (acacia, lys), but also nuts or quince.

It is on this incomparable terroir, worked without respite in Pouilly, where are born these beautiful wines for your biggest pleasure. The subtlety of our terroirs is a curiosity and an invitation: come and discover them on the site!

Some details: you can keep a Pouilly Fumé between 5 and 10 years, according to the years and the cuvee. In the section “Our wines” and the tab “Food and Wine” you could read with which dish or which accompanying we advise you to serve our Pouilly-Fumé.

Pouilly Fumé / Pouilly Fuissé, What is the difference?

They are only white wines. The diference is that the grape variety of Pouilly Fuissé is Chardonnay and is produced in Bourgogne.

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Breaking news : Pouilly Fumé appears in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey !

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