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Beginning of the harvest of our Sauvignon Blanc

On Wednesday 9th September, the Wine-Growers Association of the AOC Pouilly-Fume gave the green light to start the harvest of our future pouilly fumé.

On Thursday 10th and under a wonderful sun, Pierre, Jean-Michel, Thierry, Aymeric, Jérôme, Amaury, Alexis, and Delphine, in short, almost all the team working at the estate, (except for Mélanie who presented our Sancerre and Pouilly Fume to our Parisian Michelin-starred-restaurants customers) as well as Michelle and Alexandra, were present for the beginning of the  harvest for picking by hand the first Sauvignon Blanc grapes , which will later become our Pouilly-Fumé 2015.

Every bunch of grape is cut by a shear and put in a basket, directly emptied in a skip, then transfered to the wine press, settled in the cellar.

We use 3 Bücher pneumatic presses, equipped with a membrane which is slowly swelled in order to press our delicate and fragile Sauvignon blanc grapes.

Pictures : Alexandra Porras