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Autumn colour in Pouilly-Fumé

Many thanks to Dr. Bernard-Noël CHAGNY, the author of these wonderful aerial pictures of Pouilly-Fumé vineyard with autumn colours.

Here we can see the Loire River, Pouilly-sur-Loire Village and of course Pouilly-Fumé vines with actual colours…

Vignes de Pouilly, Loire, Bernard-Noël CHAGNY

Wonderful autumn colours for the slopes of Pouilly-Fumé… by Bernard-Noël CHAGNY… 

Couleurs d'autonme à Pouilly, Loire, Bernard-Noël CHAGNY

You can admire more pictures of him in his website:

Below the vines of “table-land”, where is produced our Pouilly-Fumé “Villa Paulus” on kimmeridgian marl near to the roman way.

Vignes des plateaux Bernard Noel Chagny